MORTAL KOMBAT and ENTER THE DRAGON Are Essentially The Same Movie

I haven't seen Enter the Dragon since I was about ten years old, and since I've only seen it once, I barely remember any of it. So I was particularly shocked to discover all of the similarities it shares with the 1995 film version of Mortal Kombat, as conveniently laid out in this quick video from YouTuber J. Matthew Turner. He breaks down the story into its most basic elements, and once you remove the mystical supernatural aspects of Mortal Kombat, it's plain to see that the film essentially stole its entire plot directly from Enter the Dragon, much in the same way the original The Fast and The Furious jacked its plot from Point Break.

Let's just hope that Brett Ratner-directed remake of Enter the Dragon never comes to fruition.

Via: Uproxx

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