There's a new mini web-series currently in development that a lot of you Mortal Kombat fans are sure to enjoy. The 8-part series is called Mortal Kombat Legends: A History of Blood, and it will offer some in-depth details and interesting insight to the classic violent video game franchise. The series was created by Jake Smith, who writes for GeekTyrant on occasion and is the talent behind GeekTyrant VS. He released the video below to promote the series, and here's a note that came along with it:

There are many out there who don't realize there is a plot behind the Mortal Kombat games, and even fewer realize that the plot is freakin' amazing! So I've compiled all the information you'll ever need to know about the MK Universe! If it's canon, I'll cover it in my 8-part web series starting this month! So subscribe and check it out!

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