Movie Poster for LEATHERFACE, Which Offers us a Texas Chainsaw Origin

Lionsgate has released the first poster for their up coming Texas Chainsaw Massacre origin film, Leatherface. The movie stars Stephen Dorff (Blade), Vanessa Grasse (Roboshark), Sam Strike (EastEnders), and Lili Taylor (The Conjuring).

I seriously have no idea what to expect from this. I'd like to be excited for it because i'm such a big fan of the original films, but these horror movie remakes and reboots have been shit. Maybe the French filmmaking duo of Julian Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Inside, Livid) will pull off something horror fans can embrace. We'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, here's the synopsis:

A prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre which will explore the origins of the horror icon in the 1970s, the story will begin with the Leatherface character in his teenage years. He resides in a mental institution until he joins a pack of fellow patients who all break out and go on the run from the authorities. The film will mark the eighth overall entry in the franchise, which currently includes, in addition to Tobe Hooper’s original, three sequels, a remake, a prequel to the remake and a modern-day “direct sequel.”

Leatherface is expected to be released in the U.S. sometime in 2016.

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