MoviePass Considering Tier System For Membership

MoviePass is switching things up in an attempt to make more money. Previously, members would pay around $40 dollars a month for the ability to watch unlimited movies in theaters. Now, Variety says they are looking to offer a "tier system" in an attempt to draw in more users.

The new system can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are. For example, if you're someone who casually attends movies, $20 dollars a month for 6 selected films a month sounds like a steal! If you're someone who is a film critic and sees 2 to 3 films a week, you're getting hosed under the new system. The system is still being tested right now, so make sure to check your mail if you're a current subscriber.

To be fair, however, most people in film media get free invites to advance screenings provided they have a city large enough to get them, so the service isn't really for people like us. If I weren't in the position I'm in, there is no way in hell I would spend $40 bucks a month to see all the movies I can in a month. My wife probably wouldn't let me either, so there's that.

But $20? I'll take away my freedom to choose what screenings and movies I go to for six movies a month. That's a bargain no matter which way you cut it. Do you agree? Or do you think the old model is still the way to go? Does anyone actually subscribe to MoviePass?

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