Moviepass Is Dropping Its Monthly Subscription To $9.99

In an awesome deal that could be a huge win for consumers, Moviepass is dropping their monthly subscription rate to $9.99. For those wondering exactly what that means...that means for $9.99 you could see one movie a day for a full month...which is a pretty incredible bargain. 

So why would any sane company take such a loss in profit to allow its users to essentially cheat the system? The Verge says it's all about data. Moviepass CEO Mitch Lowe, who used to be an exec at Netflix, hopes that people exploit the deal so that they can turn around and collect valuable data on the viewing habits of users and probably sell it back to studios. Sure they're selling our privacy...but they're also giving us a phenomenal value! 

I just checked and the deal is live on the site...make sure to take advantage before they change their mind!

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