MoviePass Buys Moviefone and Lifts Ban on 10 Popular AMC Theaters

After a public beef that has lasted for months, MoviePass is now allowing theater-goers to watch movies at AMC theaters that were previously banned. This includes theaters in New York City’s Times Square, Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles, and Boston Common.

As far as why MoviePass decided to ban these theaters in the first place, the company said it wished to see how blocking these AMC locations would impact ticket sales of other locations. It turns out MoviePass had a substantial pull as other theater chains surged around 23% in sales in just four days following MoviePass blocking those AMC theaters.

It was also announced today that MoviePass bought Moviefone! MoviePass says they plan to "bolster [Moviefone’s] presence" and they hope that the acquisition will help them "connect studios and brands with potential new subscribers, capture their attention, and convert them into paying subscribers."

I haven't used my MoviePass in a hot minute, but I'm afraid to cancel my subscription because the deals are just too good. Anyone else in the same boat? Have you subscribed to Moviepass yet?

Source: Variety

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