MRS. DOUBTFIRE Is Getting an Unnecessary Sequel

I never thought that a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel would ever happen. This just seems like one of the most ridiculous sequel ideas ever, and the fact they are doing it makes no sense to me. Chris Columbus and star Robin Williams would return to make the film which is being written by the screenwriter of Elf, David Berenbaum

It's been 21 years since the first film was released, so why now? Apparently the sequel has been in the works since 2001, with Bonnie Hunt attached to write it. It went through several drafts and several other screenwriters. The project eventually died because Columbus and Williams never liked anything that they saw.

Now that Berenbaum is attached, there is a spark of hope for the talent. I loved Elf, but that was his best film. Since then he's gone downhill writing movies such as The Haunted Mansion, Zoom, and The Spiderwick Chronicles. So who knows how the script will turn out for Mrs. Doubtfire 2. I'm seriously not expecting much from him. 

There's no information on what the story will be, but at the end of the first movie Williams' character is hosting his own TV show called  "Euphegenia's House," in which he gets to be his alter ego. He was also left with joint custody of his kids after the divorce and all of the insanity he put his family through. 

The sequel could go in so many different directions. The version that never happened involved Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire moving close to his daughter's college so he could keep an eye on her. Since they didn't like that direction, and the kids are way past their college years at this point, I'm sure that is off the table. Last year Columbus talked about a potential sequel, saying, 

"We're talking about a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire. We've talked about it (Robin Williams), and the studio is interested in it. The thing that fascinates me about a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire is with most actors who create an iconic charcter like Mrs. Doubtfire, when you come back and do that character, well, you're twenty years older so, you're not going to look the same. The cool thing with Mrs. Doubtfire is there's a character, there's a woman, who is actually going to look exactly as she did in 1993."

I just don't see a good justifiable reason for him to dress up as Mrs. Doubtfire again outside of the TV show, unless over the course of doing the TV show all these years he actually physically transformed into Mrs. Doubtfire. Let's see where they go with.

I loved the first film, I thought it was pretty damn funny. But that doesn't mean a sequel needs to be made. 

Via: THR