MS. MARVEL Vol. 1 is Getting The GraphicAudio treatment

Kamala Khan, otherwise known as Ms. Marvel, has been a huge bright spot among Marvel's titles. GraphicAudio wants you to experience her adventures with sound as well as sight, so they are now producing the first trade, No Normal, in their custom format. These come complete with sound effects and full voice acting. Peep the trailer below to get a better feel for how it sounds.

I wasn't aware that Marvel was doing these with some of their titles, and I think it is a great, and logical, way to expand these stories without losing what makes comics unique. While Kamala sounds different to anyone who reads the book, GraphicAudio's format allows you to put a voice to this wonderful character. While that might not appeal to everyone, I think it's a worthwhile addition. 

The actress voicing Kamala is Shanta Parasuraman, who seems fantastic in the role; she has a lovely blend of confidence and sarcasm.

It will release on August 17th, and you can pre-order it in a number of formats here

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