Music from Batman Mashes Perfectly with Harry Potter

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pt 2 is one of the darkest entries in the Harry Potter series. I think that;s why this video works so well! "The Dark Knight Hallows" is the opening two minutes of the film set to Hans Zimmer's now iconic track, "Rise," featured in The Dark Knight Rises. The story goes, supposedly, that the creator of the clip realized this when watching Harry Potter while simultaneously playing The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack on his laptop. While I would love to believe that, who tries to enjoy a movie listening to other music?! 

This would not be the first time someone has synched a Hans Zimmer musical score with another film, lest we forget every fan-made trailer that has featured the opening music from Inception. Whether intentional or not, there is no denying that the two sync very well together. The fact that no video editing took place in the clip further highlights this fact! So whatever motivated MrHelsinkiValo to do this, it's still very impressive. Not quite as impressive, however, as how long that Warner Brothers logo stays on the screen!  In case you don't want to take the time to count, that zoom in on the logo accounted for 25 seconds of the opening.

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