Acquisitions Incorporated is a new module for Dungeons & Dragons which was released today. This module has everything you need in order for your players to setup their very own fantasy…business. That’s right, Penny Arcade and Dungeons & Dragons teamed up to bring Acquisitions Incorporated to life and allow players the joy of actually creating a franchise in the multiverse. Always wanted to make that arms store? Now there are tools to help make that happen.

There is a lot of humor sprinkled throughout the book and while I haven’t been able to go through everything yet, I am impressed with it.

In addition to new backgrounds, character options, franchise information, and all the other cool stuff in Acquisitions Incorporated, there’s also a new adventure. It is designed for 4 players and takes them from level 1 peons to level 6 warriors. I’ve been reading through the adventure and I can’t wait to give it a try with some of my friends. I don’t want to ruin too much, but there’s some heisting possibilities, mistaken identities, and NPCs that can easily be used throughout or left alone. Of course, if your party is not 4 players, never fear for there are suggestions as well for scaling the difficulty of encounters.

While I don’t think Acquisitions Incorporated is for everyone, I think those interested will find themselves pretty happy with this addition. You can purchase the book through Amazon and Penny Arcade or a digital copy through places like D&D Beyond, Fantasy Grounds, and Roll20.

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