Mysterious Park Chan-wook Short Film with Jack Huston - A ROSE REBORN

Park Chan-wook, the director of films such as Oldboy, Thirst, and Stoker, has created a short film for the Italian fashion company Ermenegildo Zegna and Stefano Pilati. It's called "A Rose Reborn," and it stars Jack Huston from Boardwalk Empire and Daniel WuThe story follows a young CEO who travels to meet a Chinese investor. Along the way he encounters a number of riddles and other strange transactions before they come to a deal. The film is wonderfully mysterious and there's a lot of great little subtleties that I enjoyed. Here's the synopsis:

A brilliant young CEO from London contemplates the possibility of selling his invention to a mysterious Chinese billionaire. Before actually meeting his potential investor however our protagonist must face a number of challenges in the form of journeys, riddles and the exchange of clothes.

This is a must watch short, so when you have the time to check it out, please check it out.

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