Mysterious Teaser For The Ridley Scott-Produced Sci-Fi Movie MORGAN

Ridley Scott, a legend of the sci-fi genre, has produced a new movie called Morgan, and 20th Century Fox just debuted its first teaser trailer. This is a true example of a legitimate teaser, because after watching it, I have almost no idea what the hell is going on. Here, take a look and then meet me below: 

That trailer is so vague, I had to look up the official synopsis to see what this thing is even about:

A corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. She learns the event was triggered by a seemingly innocent “human,” who presents a mystery of both infinite promise and incalculable danger.

For me, the teaser sort of backfired: it's designed to draw me in, to make me lean forward and wonder what's happening, but because it chose to give such a small amount of information, I didn't really care about what was going on. Keep in mind — I'm not criticizing the movie itself, just the trailer. Hopefully the movie will be good, because it has a stellar cast: Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Paul Giamatti are all on board. Luke Scott (Ridley's son) makes his directorial debut here, and Morgan opens in theaters "soon."

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