Natalie Portman Cast in Steve Jobs Biopic

It was recently reported that Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs film project has moved from Sony Pictures to Universal Studios. Michael Fassbender is still in the running to take on the role of Jobs, and now Deadline reports that Natalie Portman has been cast in the movie. 

There's no information on who she will be playing, but there's a good chance that she will be playing Jobs' daughter, Lisa Bennan-Jobs, in the story. Steve Jobs initially denied his paternity of Lisa, but did name one of Apple’s earliest computers after her, the Apple Lisa. The father and daughter reconnected years later and Jobs ended up paying for her to attend Harvard University, which was around the same time that Portman was going to school there.

In an interview with The Independent, writer Aaron Sorkin he explained that Lisa who be the hero of the film saying:

"With The Social Network, I was interested in the psychology of the world's most successful social networking system being invented by the world's most anti-social guy. And in the case of Steve Jobs, it's the relationships he had — particularly with his daughter, Lisa — that drew me to it. She didn't participate in Walter Isaacson's book, because her father was alive at the time, and she didn't want to alienate either of her parents, so I was very grateful that she was willing to spend time with me. She is the heroine of the movie."

That being said, I think it's safe to say that is who Portman will be playing. The actress recently finished shooting Jane Got a Gun

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