Natalie Portman Says She's Open to Returning to The MCU as Jane Foster


I liked Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in the MCU and it's kind of a shame that after Thor: The Dark World, she hasn't been around. It doesn't seem like Marvel has any plans on bringing her back anytime soon. In fact, we probably won't see her again. But, if Marvel does decide that they want to bring the character back, Portman says she's definitely up for it! 

During an interview with Screen Rant, Portman was asked if she would be interested in reprising her role in any future Marvel films and this was her response:

"I’m completely open to everything, but I have no news about that." (Laughs)

It's good to know that she would come back if Marvel decided to ask her to, but at this point, I don't think they will. Maybe if Marvel decided to play with the whole female Thor story arc, they would consider it. But, even if they wanted to go that route, it's not hard to imagine them just replacing Jane Foster with Valkyrie. I could totally see Valkyrie as the female Thor!

It seems like that might have been a little tension between Marvel Studio and Natalie Portman after director Patty Jenkins and the studio parted ways on Thor: The Dark World. That's ok, though, because Jenkins went on to direct Wonder Woman. Apparently, Jenkins wanted to give Jane Foster a bigger and more complex role in Thor: The Dark World, but Marvel didn't want to go in that direction so they hired Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) to replace Jenkins. 

It just seems the whole experience surrounding that film was sour for Portman, but she's open to returning if Marvel wants her to. One thing that I noticed recently is that Portman wasn't a part of that big ten year Marvel anniversary class photo that was released last week. The fact she wasn't invited to be a part of that, tells me that Marvel is pretty much done with her. 

Would you want to see Natalie Portman return as Jane Foster, or do you not even miss the fact that she's gone?  

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