Nathan Fillion Wants to Take a Crack at Playing Booster Gold

For years, when Nathan Fillion was asked which superhero he would like to play one day he would say Green Lantern. Fillion has voiced the character in several animated films over the years, and now it looks like he's ready to move on to a new superhero. 

At Chicago's Wizard World Comic Con this past weekend, Fillion was asked what comic book character he would play if he was able to choose one. He answered with Booster Gold. Fillion said,

"I think I could take a pretty good crack at Booster Gold. That’s kind of my niche… show-offy, vain. I think I could handle that… not too bright." 

Then if Booster Gold doesn't work out, he offered up a fallback plan with the character Ambush Bug:

"I think Ambush Bug. Remember that guy? Little bit off his rocker. You’d never see my face. I think Greatest American Hero is due for a reboot."

With Warner Bros. getting ready to reboot Green Lantern, Fillion would never have a chance to take on the character because they are obviously going to go with someone younger. Fillion has obviously realized this and is moving on to other characters he'd like to play, and you know what? He's completely perfect for his choices! 

I'd love to see him take on Booster Gold. He'd be a perfect addition to the new TV series Legends of Tomorrow, but the executive producers of the show have already said that WB has made the character off limits to them, which means they have other plans for him. Maybe they will include him in the DC Extended Universe films.

As for Fillion's Greatest American Hero reboot comment, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are actually already developing it. I'd love to see Fillion in that as well. Hell, there are so many things that I'd love to see Fillion star in! He's such a fun actor who makes fun projects. If he landed any of these roles it would be great. 

Below you'll find the video of the actor answering these questions, thanks to ComicBook:

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