NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND Returns to Theaters for 35th Anniversary and Ghibli Fest 2019


Fathom Events has teamed with GKIDS once again to bring Studio Ghibli fans the third annual Studio Ghibli Fest. Sadly, I missed the memo back when Howl’s Moving Castle was returning to theaters, but, I’m now on track and just in time for the 35th anniversary of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” is an epic masterpiece of sweeping scope and grandeur that remains one of the most breathtaking and exhilarating animated films of all time. A thousand years after the Seven Days of Fire destroyed civilization, warring human factions survive in a world devastated by atmospheric poisons and swarming with gigantic insects. The peaceful Valley of the Wind is nestled on the edge of the Toxic Forest and led by the courageous Princess Nausicaä, whose love of all living things leads her into terrible danger, as she fights to restore balance between humans and nature.

The cast for Nausicaä’s dub includes talent like Shia LaBeouf, Alison Lohman, Edward James Olmos, Patrick Stewart, and Uma Thurman. If you’re wanting to watch the dubbed version, that will happen on May 20 at 7 PM local time. Meanwhile, the subtitled version will be shown at 7 PM local time on May 21.

You can find out more information about Ghibli Fest 2019 via Fathom Events.

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