NBC Creating Its Own Streaming Service; May Take THE OFFICE Back From Netflix

Isn’t it awesome how just a few years ago we only had Netflix and maybe Hulu to subscribe to, and now every network and every studio has its own streaming service that you have to pay for and subscribe to and keep track of?! No, it’s the worst. But they hold us hostage when they come out with good content that we want to watch and can’t get anywhere else.

So it makes sense that NBC would create their own streaming service and throw around the decision of bring over The Office from Netflix to reside back at its home network streaming service. According to Deadline, the service is looking to launch in 2020, and the unnamed service “will launch with about 15,000 hours of programming derived from the wide array of broadcast, cable, film, news and sports.” The current projection is that the subscription will cost five dollars with ads, and $12-14 without. At least that’s a fair price.

I love The Office, as I know many do, but I also know many other favorites have come out of NBC, and they’d be wise to market those series as well. Imagine unlimited access to Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Saved By The Bell, Friends, and all your other NBC favorites. That would be pretty amazing!

So what do you think? Is this a streaming service you can get behind?

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