NBC Developing Updated Series Adaptation of ST. ELMO'S FIRE

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NBC has announced that they are developing an updated series adaptation of the classic ‘80s movie St. Elmo’s Fire. Josh Berman, known for writing Mob Doctor and Drop Dead Diva, has been hired on to write the series. With the news of the announcement coming in the wake of many network cancellations of series remakes and reboots, NBC must feel pretty strongly that this series will work.

The ingredients are timeless, and I think that with an update the bones of the project are solid. St. Elmo’s Fire is based on the lives of a group of friends who are navigating relationships, friendships, work, addiction, and transitioning into adulthood together.

This is topical with any generation, but I think a large part of what made the 1985 movie work was casting. The “brat pack” was hugely popular, and filled with excellent actors who made that movie what it was. Plus, Rob Lowe played the saxophone like a hot maniac. If they can get him back for that, this series has a shot.

We will just have to see who gets cast, and hope the writing is good. I’m a fan of Berman’s other work, so I’m hopeful for the series. Are you interested?

Source: Deadline

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