Nearly 30 Minute Supercut of Jim Halpert's Faces in THE OFFICE

NBC's American version of The Office stuck around for a couple of years longer than it probably should have, but there was a long stretch of time in which that show was at the top of its game and was one of the best comedies on television. I think one of the aspects that helped retain its audience during its nine-season run was the knowledge that you were never too far from a Jim Halpert reaction shot. John Krasinski, the show's primary straight man, was surrounded by so many crazy characters that we typically got at least one of his bemused, sarcastic, satisfied, or surprised looks to the camera every episode, and I think it helped ingratiate the audience into feeling like they were friends with these people and it kept bringing them back to watch the next episode (that, and the show was often laugh-out-loud funny).

LaughingSquid points us to this almost 30-minute supercut from YouTuber Kelli M who compiled nearly every one of Jim's reaction faces over the course of the show.

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