Neil Gaiman’s INTERWORLD Is Being Adapted into a Series Along with THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY

Another Neil Gaiman book is getting a series adaptation. According to Variety, Universal Cable Productions, who is behind series such as Mr. Robot and The Magicians, are currently in the process of developing Interworld

The YA fantasy/sci-fi novel follows a teen boy named Joey Harker who can travel through different dimensions. "The twist is that every dimension contains a different version of Joey—some are older or younger, some are a different gender, and some are a different species."

Gaiman and co-creator Michael Reeves will be executive producers on the project, and they will be joined by Hamilton producer Jeffrey Seller. 

It was also announced that Universal Cable Productions will be developing a series based on the Dark Horse comic The Umbrella Academy. The story for that was created by Gerard Way and it's about "a dysfunctional superhero family with powers that are a little stranger than just 'super speed'— one has the ability to remake reality with a simple lie."

That series is being written by Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four). There have been attempts to adapt this movie into a film in the past, but it's never gone past the script writing phase. 

UCP has a few other projects in various stages of development that are based on comic that I'm not familiar with that include:

  • “The Woods,” James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas’ story of 513 Milwaukee suburbanites suddenly transplanted into a giant, ancient wilderness on another planet. Michael Armbruster (“Beautiful Boy”) will write.
  • “Bushido,” about a young Dutch boy adopted by a samurai. Roy Lee (“The Departed,” “The Lego Movie”), Adam Stone (“The Voices”) will executive produce, and Markus Goerg, Dick Hillenbrand, and Mikhail Nayfeld of Heroes and Villains Entertainment will serve as co-executive producers. John Powers Middleton (“Bates Motel”) is attached to produce.
  • “The Good Neighbors,” Holly Black and Ted Naifeh’s tale of a faerie girl who has to travel from the human world to the faerie world to find her missing mother. Barbara Marshall will write, and Marshall, Jeremy Bell, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Jon Shestack will executive produce.

So UPC has got a lot of cool projects coming up, hopefully these shows turn out to be awesome!  

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