Neil Patrick Harris Warns A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS Gets "Shockingly Dark"

Neil Patrick Harris is warning you that the Netflix adaptation of A Series Of Unfortunate Events gets "shockingly dark." This should come as no surprise to anyone who's read the popular series, but it sounds like the series will have a much darker tone than the film made by Nickelodeon. Collider spoke to Harris who said the direction was taken by Netflix to ensure the series still had an appeal to adults...

"I think it’s super faithful to the books. I think at times it’s shockingly dark. From what I gathered, Netflix was concerned that adults weren’t going to be able to value it because it was skewing towards a younger demographic. And I think now that it’s done, they want to make sure the kids still value it and it’s not gone too Stranger Things. I really wanted Olaf to be bad. To be a bad person."

Considering my sister (who is 25) read the books in grade school, I think they'll do a solid job in pulling in at least the millennial audience for the series. 

While the film tried to shove all 13 novels into one 90 minute film, the Netflix series will take two episodes to handle a single book. Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, aka the author of the series, was confirmed by Harris to have had a heavy presence in the writing process, so it should be very similar to the novels. The series will make its Netflix debut January 13th!

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