Neill Blomkamp Releases Creature Design for a Secret Film Project He's Developing

Neill Blomkamp (Section 9, Elysium, Chappie) has released an intriguing photo featuring a creature design for a mysterious new film project that he's currently developing. The last project the director was working on was Alien 5, but that was put on hold, and he makes it very clear that this is not a part of that production. 

As you can see, this creature design features a strangely disfigured face. It looks like it definitely has some human features, and it could be mixed in with something alien looking. We don't know if it's alien or supernatural, but whatever it is, also has some gashes on his face.

I'm intrigued by the design, and I'm curious to see what exactly Blomkamp is cooking up. I'm sure it's an another original story that he's put together. One thing that I love about Blomkamp is that he keeps creating original concepts and stories. However, I do wish he would have been able to move forward on his Halo and Alien films. 

Working on new things. Currently not alien

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