Neill Blomkamp Would Still Be Up For Directing a HALO Movie, But No One is Asking Him

Director Neill Blomkamp has exploded back into the limelight with his recent series of Oats Studios Volume 1 short films. Audiences seem to be loving these shorts. Directing incredibly awesome shorts like this was how Blomkamp got his big break in Hollywood in the first place. Those films landed him a Halo movie directing gig when Peter Jackson was on board to produce. That was going to be his first big Hollywood project until it never happened. Blompkamp then went on to direct District 9.

Well, Blomkamp is still open to directing a live-action Halo movie if Microsoft ever decided to ask him again. During a recent Reddit AMA, the director was asked about Halo and this is what he said:

“I love Halo. Still. But I seem to have a bad track record of turning existing franchises into films. Haha, Do I love the world? Master Chief? Reach, the Colonies, the Floor, the Covenant? YES. Am I going to end up directing a piece in that world? Probably not – meaning no one is asking me.”

It's crazy to me that Microsoft still hasn't made a Halo movie. They've done a few series projects and stuff, but nothing that's been crazy mindblowing. I still believe that Blomkamp could deliver a badass Halo movie! Do you remember that Halo short film that Blomkamp directed back in the day!? If you haven't seen it, you need to watch it below. That proves the guy has the talent to do something great with this franchise.

It would be a shame if Blomkamp and Microsoft never teamed back up to make a Halo movie happen. Maybe this whole Oats Studios thing will open that door again. Who knows, but Blomkamp doesn't think it will happen. 

However, Halo franchise director Frank O’ Connor was recently asked on Twitter about Neil Blomkamp and the Halo film and this was his reply:

“Well, we love @neilblomkamp & the worlds he’s built and we’d be delighted to work with him again one day. Also he’s a top bloke.”

That's a good sign that shows they are at least open to working with Bomkamp again. The question is, will the opportunity ever present itself? Would you like to see Blomkamp direct a live action Halo movie?

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