Nerf Will Be Releasing a Line of FORTNITE Guns Soon!

Toy NerfFortnite by Joey Paur

Fortnite is everywhere! It's taking over the world. Every freakin' kid that I've met plays Fortnite, there's no escaping it. If you're a fan of Fortnite, we've got some cool news for you today! 

An Epic Games employee took to Twitter recently to share the news that there would be a Fortnite-themed Monopoly game, but more importantly, he shared the news that there would also be a line of Nerf guns inspired by the cool looking weapons in Fortnite!

The Nerf guns are supposed to come out next year. We don't have any other details other than that at the moment but it will be cool to see what guns from the game that they end up bring to life in Nerf gun form. 

What guns from the game do you hope to see brought to life as a Nerf gun?

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