Netflix and Creators Reveal There Will Be No Wrap Up Film for THE OA


After we heard the devastating news earlier this month regarding the cancellation of the incredible series The OA, from the brilliant minds of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, fans went a little crazy. There were reports of a flash mob, a trending hashtag of #SaveTheOA, and even a hunger strike.

I loved the series a lot, but I didn’t love it enough to skip multiple meals. That’s not necessary. But fans were given a glimmer of hope when a source close to the series — and to Netflix — reported to Variety that the creators were contemplating making a movie that would wrap up the unfinished story.

Unfortunately, the creators have decided not to move forward with the film, but their reasoning makes a lot of sense. They say that the series had a five-season arc, and while a movie would be fun for fans to see, a two hour film would not be able to tell the full story that would have been packed into the three remaining seasons. I can respect that.

So it seems that if we want to know where this crazy story would have gone, our only hope is that it gets picked up by another network or streamer. My fingers are crossed, because The OA was a beautiful series that told an incredibly original story that I couldn’t wait to get more of. I hope its final three seasons are somewhere in our future.

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