Netflix and Sony Introduce "Netflix Calibrated Mode" for New Sony Master Series TVs

Are you sick and tired of your Netflix watching not looking like what the creators saw with their fancy professional grade equipment? Well, it’ll be a bit easier for you now that Sony and Netflix have teamed up. Sony’s new Master Series TVs will now have a “Netflix Calibrated Mode” that will essentially automatically adjust the picture to look as close to what the creators saw on their reference monitors as possible.

According to THR, Zack Estrin, executive producer of Netflix’s Lost in Space tested one of the TVs out and said they were “almost indistinguishable.” Of course, for cinephiles this is a bit of a dream come true as many want to make sure they can see and hear everything the director intended.

With this new mode, the menu setting effectively takes picture information that might be used in a grading suite with a professional reference monitor, and applies it to the display of the program, with the goal of allowing Netflix viewers to get accurate color and contrast, including when they are viewing content in 4K resolution or high dynamic range (HDR). This feature, developed by Sony picture engineers with Netflix color scientists only works for Netflix content, at least in today’s announced models.

Sony has declined to comment if they're working with other content creators. If this is something that interests you, you’ll need the 65-inch or 55-inch model of the A9F OLED or the 75-inch or 65-inch model of the Z9F LCD TVs. All 4 models are scheduled to be available in the fall and there is no pricing yet.

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