Netflix's BRIGHT Sequel is Moving Forward with a New Screenwriter

Netflix is ready to get rolling on the development of their sequel to director David Ayer and Will Smith's fantasy action cop film Bright. They've replaced screenwriter Max Landis with Evan Spiliotopoulos, who recently wrote Disney's adaptation of Beauty and the Beast

David Ayer will be back to direct the sequel, and according to THR, the reason why Landis isn't working on the sequel is because the two talents didn't agree on how to proceed with the story. So it all comes down to the classic "creative differences" excuse. 

Smith and Joel Edgerton will both return to reprise their roles as a veteran cop and his partner, an Orc. Bright is set in a fictional Los Angeles filled with fairies, elves and magic wands. The first film followed these two partners who reluctantly teamed up to protect a magical wand from law enforcement, criminals and an array of supernatural characters.

There's no information on what the story for the sequel will entail, but given the kind of world that the franchise is set in, it should be interesting. 

A lot of people didn't seem to care for the first movie, and even though it wasn't a perfect film and it had some issues, I still enjoyed it for what it was. What did you think of Bright, and are you looking forward to seeing the sequel?

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