Netflix Cancels HOUSE OF CARDS After Allegations of Unwanted Sexual Advances By Kevin Spacey Are Made

Last night Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp shared a story of how in 1986 Kevin Spacey made unwanted sexual advances toward him after a party at his apartment when he was only 14-years-old. 

Ever since the Havey Weinstein accusations started to explode, there has been a lot of support for the victims of these sexual predators and it's very clear that people aren't going to tolerate it anymore. As soon as the allegations against Kevin Spacey were made, everyone saw a backlash coming and his "apology/coming out" statement didn't do him any favors.

Now, Netflix has announced that they are going to pull the plug on House of Cards after the upcoming sixth season. According to Deadlinethe key cast and creative team were alerted of their decision this morning. The report also says that Netflix’s film Gore, which also stars Kevin Spacey might end up being pulled from their lineup as well. That film is about the acerbic author Gore Vidal.

One thing is for sure, this calling out of sexual predators in Hollywood isn't going to stop and it's clear that people and studios don't want to work with them or associate with them anymore. 

It's pretty crazy to see how all of this is unfolding. Everyone knew that this kind of horrific stuff went on in Hollywood, it's been happening for years! There have been scandals like this ever since Hollywood was in its infancy, now finally, something is being done about it. I imagine more and more of these brave individuals will step into the light to tell their stories as this movement to end all forms of sexual harrassment continues to progress. 

The final 13 episodes of House of Cards Season 6 is expected to debut in mid-2018 on Netflix.

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