Netflix Is Adding More Original Programming Than Acquired Programming

Netflix has been pretty gung-ho about creating more and more original content over the past several years. Whether that means that they wrote the script or partnered with another company to do that, it doesn’t really matter.

I’ve been noticing that every month it at least feels like more and more of the new content being added is a Netflix Original and less is content from other outlets, and it looks like there may be data to back me up. Ampere Analysis has found that by the end of 2018, 51% of all releases on Netflix in the United States were Netflix Originals.

Of course, as studios begin to create their own streaming services, the existing services like Netflix will lose more content, so the move to create a lot of original content has been a really smart move on Netflix’s part. As for the quality of the originals, I find it’s pretty hit and miss. Some shows like GLOW and Stranger Things, I’ve loved. Other programs I’ve watched one episode and thought it was terrible. I feel like that’s normal though.

It should be noted that Ampere did not track viewing time. What’s your favorite Netflix Original? Do you think the originals will be able to keep the service afloat as it loses more and more content?

Via: Deadline

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