Netflix is Developing a Choose-Your-Own Adventure For BLACK MIRROR and Other Shows

Netflix is going to be trying out a new special format that will allow viewers and fans to choose the direction of the story in a TV show episode or film. It’s going to be a choose-your-own adventure thing and one of them will include an episode of Black Mirror.

I’m a huge fan of Black Mirror and it seems like the perfect series for something like this to be experimented on. According to Bloomberg, Netflix expects the first of these projects to air before the end of this year. The fifth season of Black Mirror is expected to be released in December.

Steven Soderbergh did an incredible job developing a series like this for HBO called Mosaic. I really liked what he did for that, but I’m not exactly sure how Netflix’s version of the choose-your-own adventure will work on these upcoming shows. But, they have been testing it out with a handful of episodes of animated programs designed for kids that have been released like Puss in Boots.

Two of the other choose-your-own adventure projects are said to be adaptations of video games, Minecraft could very well be one of them. As far as the development of these series goes, the report explains:

This new type of narrative can complicate the production, and dealmaking. While a traditional movie has a 100-page script, a two-hour experience needs to have a longer script and production to account for all the different scenarios. Writers and producers are still determining how the extra demands affect their pay, among other matters.

Netflix is obviously just looking to keep things fresh and continue to innovate as they continue to grow and the streaming service competition grows.

Do you think that interactive TV is the wave of the entertainment future or a fad that will eventually die out?

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