Netflix is Developing a DEATH NOTE Sequel

Death Note fans may not have liked Adam Winger's live-action Death Note film, but that isn't going to stop Netflix from making a sequel! THR is reporting that the streaming service is currently developing a sequel with a script being written by Greg Russo (Mortal Kombat reboot).

There's no word on if Winger will be back to direct the sequel or if Nat Wolf or any of the other actors will return to reprise their roles.

The first film centered around a high school student named Light Turner who discovers a mysterious notebook that has the power to kill anyone whose name is written within its pages, and launches a secret crusade to rid the world of criminals. We don't have any details on what the story for the sequel will entail, but I imagine it will follow the further adventures of Light Turner and the book of death.

The first film definitely had some problems, but there were aspects of it that I liked. So, I'd be up for watching a sequel. Who knows, maybe it will be better than the first film. 

What do you think about Netflix developing a Death Note sequel?

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