Netflix is Developing a FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS-Style Soccer Series Called ONE GOAL


Netflix has picked up the rights to a book called One Goal by Amy Bass that they will be developing into a series. 

The story is a mix of Friday Night Lights and Remember The Titans and it tells the story of how a mix of Somali refugees and native-born white kids in Lewiston, Maine, helped bridge the racial divide in the declining mill town and won the state high-school soccer championship.

The team ultimately won the 2015 state soccer championship as it learned to blend the styles and cultures of the native-born white kids and the Somali teens, led by a progressive coach who hired a Somali assistant to help him. Bass broadens the story to show how it fits into the story of immigration, racism, Islamaphobia and economic decline in rust belt American towns. 
Hachette published the book in February to strong reviews. Bob Costas said One Goal “epitomizes why sports matter," and Kirkus called it, "an edifying and adrenaline-charged tale of how immigrant soccer players" helped Lewiston.

I love inspirational sports story like this and this sounds like it’s going to be a great Netflix series!

Source: THR 

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