Netflix Is Getting Rid Of Its User Written Review System You Likely Didn't Know Existed


Netflix is phasing out its user reviews at the end of July. In other news, Netflix has user reviews and apparently a community of people who know about it and have been writing reviews for their favorite television shows and films. If you were completely oblivious of that until now don't worry, as Tech Radar reports all of them will be gone by the end of August anyway. 

Netflix has done a lot to hide the feature in recent years, as user reviews are currently only available on Desktop, and take a considerable amount of searching on the site to seek out. To be fair, these reviews are far more time consuming and ultimately less effective than the thumbs-up and thumbs down feature, which the streaming service used to replace its star system some time ago. 

Have you ever written a review on Netflix? Will you be sad to see the service go? Are you even more sad you've written a lot of reviews on Netflix that the streaming service is actively trying to keep others from seeing?

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