Netflix is Willing to Release Their Original Films in Theaters

Movie Netflix by Joey Paur

I love what Netflix has become and what they are doing with original film and TV programs. They are producing great things for audiences to enjoy and they are even developing big budget projects with huge Hollywood talent on board. They are certainly changing the entertainment industry.

It would be great to see some of these projects in a movie theater on the big screen, but as of right now it doesn't seem like an option movie theater chains want to entertain. Netflix, however, is totally willing to release their films on the big screen.

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix would love to help out theater chains by offering to screen their original films in theaters, but at the same time, they would simultaneously screen on Netflix. This would allow consumers to choose how they want to watch the movie. The press release states:

"Since our members are funding these films, they should be the first to see them. But we are also open to supporting the large theater chains, such as AMC and Regal in the US, if they want to offer our films, such as our upcoming Will Smith film Bright, in theatres simultaneous to Netflix. Let consumers choose."

The David Ayer-directed film Bright is definitely a movie I would want to watch in theaters. Their previously released sci-fi film Specter would have been cool to see on the big screen. There are certainly films I would want to watch on the big screen, but there are others that I'd rather just watch at home. 

I can see why theater chains wouldn't want to do that because most audiences might just opt to watch the films in the comfort of their own home. It might be worth at least testing out on a film like Bright, which has major star power attached to it. I'd be curious to see how well it would do in theaters. 

I think theaters should give it a shot and let the consumers choose where they prefer to watch their movies. This would also give audiences who don't have Netflix a chance to see the kinds of films that Netflix is producing. 

What do you all think? Would you like to see some of these Netflix films in theaters or are you perfectly fine watching them at home?

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