Netflix Shared a Tweet Revealing The Premiere Date and Title of BLACK MIRROR Season 5 Then Deleted it

TV NetflixBlack Mirror by Joey Paur

I’m a big fan of Netflix’s Black Mirror series and thanks to a tweet that Netflix shared that has since been deleted, we know when the series is set to return and the title of the first episode.

The verified Netflix Twitter account, NXOnNetflix, jumped the gun and posted an image of what's coming to the streaming service in December. At the very bottom you can see Black Mirror is coming on December 28th.

This premiere date lines up with the premiere date of Season 4, which was Friday, December 29th, 2017. Who knows if things will change since the Tweet was deleted, but we’ll find out soon enough.

The Netflix release schedule also revealed the title of the first episode of the season, which is Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. There are a multiple ways to interpret the title. TV Guide says that it "may relate to an old 1984 game about a group of computer nerds locked away together to try and create the ultimate Commodore 64 and 48k Spectrum game."

Some fans have also pointed out that the game was referenced during the Black Mirror Season 3 episode "Playtest." Here are a couple tweets pointing it out:

Black Mirror is a wonderfully dark anthology series that looks into the future of humanity and I can’t wait to see what new stories will come from that dark corner of the universe.

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