Netflix to Launch a Magazine Called Wide

Netflix is branching out from just making and streaming movies and TV shows. I know they’ve been working on a comic book, but that makes some sense. You know what doesn’t make sense to me though? Netflix is starting a magazine.

I know very few people who subscribe to magazines still. Out of all the people I know, only a small handful of them actively subscribe to magazines. That’s not a lot.

Granted, for some, Wide (the current name of the magazine) will be something they want. It will reportedly include a lot of interviews, essays, photos, and more about the Netflix original content. This comes as Netflix is trying to break out of the label of simply being a streaming service and prove that it should be taken more seriously by awards like the Emmys. The first issue of Wide is set to launch in June which coincidentally falls in the same time of year when the votes begin for Emmy nominations.

I still have no idea how this magazine is going to do very well. If it were an electronic magazine, I could maybe see that, but Wide is supposedly a print magazine. What do you think? Will you be a subscriber to Wide?

Via: CB

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