Netflix Will Essentially Double Its Original Programming Next Year

TV Netflix by Ben Pearson

Netflix has a pretty impressive track record so far when it comes to original programming. The streaming service got into creating its own shows back in 2013 when the political drama House of Cards debuted, and they quickly added shows like Orange is the New Black, a fourth season of Arrested Development, and then series like Bojack Horseman, Sense8, Marco Polo, Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtMaster of None, and more, eventually including Marvel shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Some of those are more beloved than others, to be sure, but seemingly overnight, Netflix became a major entertainment destination not just for their ever-changing library of movies, but arguably even more for its own content.

Gird your loins, TV fans: more Netflix shows are on the way. Chief content officer Ted Sarandos spoke at the UBS Media Conference yesterday, and according to The Verge:

Sarandos announced that Netflix will reach a total of 31 scripted shows over the course of 2016 in a speech at the UBS Media Conference this morning. That's almost double the 16 such shows the service aired in 2015. Sarandos also shared that Netflix is working on 10 new feature films, 30 kids' shows, 12 documentaries, and 10 stand-up specials. "It's not just a lot of volume," said Sarandos. "This is quality stuff."

As much as I'm excited to hear that more quality TV shows are on the way, I must admit I'm already having trouble keeping up with all of the great shows that are already out there. The phrase "Peak TV" has emerged in recent months to describe this phenomenon, and at times it can be a little overwhelming trying to remain culturally relevant and keep up with so many different shows that people are constantly talking about online and elsewhere. At a certain point, you have to draw a line to retain your own sanity, so I'm pretty sure I won't be watching a majority of these least for a couple of years until I finally get around to finishing all of the shows I already want to complete.

Along with returning shows, some of the new series Netflix will be debuting next year include Judd Apatow and Gillian Jacobs' Love, Baz Luhrmann's The Get Down, Marvel's Luke Cage, and Fuller House. As of right now, though, I'm more interested in the ten new feature films they have in the works. Are you going to try to keep up with all of this new content?

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