New Alexa Feature Plays Scripted Conversations To Convince Burglars Someone Is Home


The criminals approach your home, they've been casing the joint for months. Just as they successfully disable the alarm and walk in the door, they freeze. They've learned your schedule enough to know you shouldn't be home right now, and yet, there's two men having a drawn out conversation about a podcast they should start up in the near future over in the kitchen. The burglars leave, and Alexa just saved your home from being robbed. 

Yep, Alexa's latest away feature (via Tech Radar) includes a list of scripted conversations that are meant to convince any would-be intruders that someone is home despite the fact that there isn't. The product hails from Hippo Insurance and is free to enable for American users for the time being. The conversation isn't just limited to two guys discussing podcasts, however, it also includes an overworked stay at home mom, or a mother instructing her daughter on how to assemble a dresser over the phone.

Kids today have it so simple! Imagine the work Kevin McAllister had to go through to achieve a similar effect!

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