New ALIEN 5 Concept Art Shows the Return of Newt

Director Neill Blomkamp, who for a long time was developing an Alien 5 film, released a new piece of concept art developed for the project in celebration of Alien Day. The art features the return of Newt from James Cameron's Aliens, and here she is all grown up and looking like a badass.

I always hated that Alien 3 started out with the death of Newt and Hicks. Those were two of the best characters in the franchise, and to kill them off like that was such a stupid-ass decision. Thankfully, Blomkamp's idea seems to completely ignore that ridiculousness. 

Blomkamp's film was put on hold to let Ridley Scott make his Alien trilogy, but one day Alien 5 will happen and Sigourney Weaver, who will be back to reprise her role, says that it "will be worth the wait." She's excited to work with Blomkamp on this movie which will also see the return of Michael Bean as Hicks. It's going to be a reunion of our favorite characters! 

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