New ALIEN: COVENANT Photos Show Off a Terrifying Neomorph Alien Creature and More

Thanks to Empire Magazine, we have three new photos to share with you from Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant. One of the most interesting images shows off a crazy scary-looking new alien creature called a Neomorph, which you can see above eating some poor soul that met their demise in a nightmarish way.

According to Screenwriter John Logan, the Neomorph was inspired by Ridley Scott's love of nature documentaries on living nightmares, like goblin sharks. He explains:

“Some of those nature videos are so stomach-churning that they don’t pay me enough to watch them. But Ridley will see something to do with insects swarming, for example, which eventually finds its way into a movie. Usually there’s some sort of grotesqueness we find interesting.”

You'll find a couple other images below. The first of which features Michael Fassbender, taking on dual roles as two different androids. The final image may be considered a spoiler so proceed with caution.

I know this might not seem like a spoiler, but I know what goes down in this image. You can listen to Drew and I talk about this scene in the video below the photo, which features a mysterious figure on what might be the Engineer’s planet as he unleashes a bunch of pods.

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