New Artwork Teased for ATTACK ON TITAN and AVENGERS Crossover

A bit of new artwork has surfaced for the upcoming Attack on Titan and Avengers comic crossover. The art is being done by Marvel Comics artist Gerardo Sandoval. The art you see here comes from Brutus Magazine, and it’s a comic panel that features Spider-Man violently hitting a female 46-foot tall Titan as Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America look on. The story features the team of heroes battling a Titan that has invaded New York City. 

The Marvel’s Attack On Titan issue of Brutus will hit stores in Japan on November 15th. Marvel's C.B. Cebulski revealed the following on Twitter:

"Attack on Titan/Marvel story in @BRUTUS_mag: 1.) it is plotted by Hajime Isayama himself & 2.) it will run in Japanese & English there."

I do love that Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama is the one who plotted the story for this. I can't wait to read it! For previously released details on the comic, click here

Via: CBR

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