New BACK TO THE FUTURE Comic Will Explore the Final Line Spoken in PART III and Focus on Doc Brown's Adventures

The time-traveling adventures will continue in a new comic book being published by IDW called Back to the Future: Tales From the Train. The comic picks up right at the end of where the third film in the trilogy left off, with Doc Brown and his family flying off somewhere in time in his locomotive time machine. 

In case you need a reminder of the ending of the movie you can watch the clip below, complete with Doc Brown's kid pointing at his dick for some crazy reason. 

The last line spoken in the clip comes from Doc after Marty asks him if he's going Back to the Future. Doc replies with "Nope. Already been there." That is the main inspiration behind the comic. Since Doc has already been to the future, they want to show what that is. During an interview with THR, Gale and his co-writer John Barber explained:

“We were talking about it with our editor, with IDW, and the idea of doing a story about Doc, Clara, Jules and Verne — his whole family — it seemed like a good starting point for a good story. It picks up right at the end of Back to the Future Part III from Doc’s point of view.”

Gale added:

“Sort of. We’re trying to make sure none of the fans call us out for screwing up the continuity of it. At the end of Back to the Future Part III, when the Time Train flies away, Marty says, ‘Where you going now, Doc, back to the future?’ Doc says, ‘Nope, already been there.’ I said to John, ‘Well, we’ve gotta pay that off. Doc’s already been to the future? We’ve got to show that.'”

I don't know about you, but I always thought that when Doc said he had already been there, that he was referring to his adventures with Marty, but I guess that's not the case. One of my big questions is how in the hell Doc managed to make a flying time-traveling locomotive in the old west! That's the story I want to know!

Gale goes on to talk about Doc Brown and reveals the scientist has a secret laboratory that wasn't featured in the films, but it will serve as a plot device in some of the stories that the comic will tell. 

“One of my favorite elements is this one: In the first movie, Marty McFly goes to the Twin Pines Mall, the back of Doc Brown’s truck opens up, and the DeLorean comes out. Okay. It’s a great moment, and everyone remembers it, but think about it: We’d already seen Marty go to Doc’s lab. If Doc built the DeLorean in that lab, Marty would already know what it was. But it doesn’t, so how does that make sense?

The idea we came up with was, well, Doc has a second lab hidden away. And that led us to a couple more plot elements we could use — it was something that nobody in 30 years since the movie had asked that question. And believe me, I’ve been to enough Back to the Future events, and been a guest speaker and done interviews, and I thought I’d heard every Back to the Future question. Somehow, we stumbled on this, and John and I both said, ‘Oh, yeah. There’s got to be another lab. That’s so cool!'”

The whole interview is worth the read if you're a fan of Back to the Future. I love the Back to the Future films and this new comic sounds like it will be a great read for any fans looking to see what Doc Brown has been up to since we last saw him. 

The comic seems like it's going to address a lot of things that not even the hardest core fans have even thought of, and that's kind of exciting! One of those stories should definitely explain why one of Doc's kids was pointing at his dick when they saw Marty. 

Tales from the Time Train #1 arrives on December 27, 2017. I'll definitely be checking it out.

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