New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Concept Art Revealed

If it seems like we've been waiting on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to come out for years at this point, that's because we have. After being announced at Comic-Con in 2013, the film was originally supposed to debut this past July, but Warner Bros. ultimately delayed it to March 25th, 2016. So we have a few more months to wait, and in the meantime, a slow trickle of information is coming out to tide fans over.

Today, DC All Access released a video that reveals some concept art for the trinity of heroes featured in the movie: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. It's nothing groundbreaking, but there's some cool stuff in there about Diana's wardrobe and some Kryptonian language being stitched into Superman's new suit. For those who are desperate for every shred of content they can get their hands on before the movie comes out, it should be enough until the next sliver of info comes out.

The video also goes on to talk a bit about Frank Miller's new comic Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, so check it all out below:

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