New BLACK PANTHER Trailer Highlights Wakanda MCU Easter Eggs; Plus 2 New TV Spots

If you're not excited about Black Panther, you should be! This is one of Marvel's best films and it lives up to all of the hype that you've been reading. I had a chance to see if for myself recently and I was completely blown away! There's no doubt that Marvel fans are going to enjoy the hell out of this. You can read our review for it here.

Anyway, today we have some great new promo spots for you to enjoy. The first is an international trailer that features Chadwick Boseman pointing out all of the Wakanda Easter eggs that were scattered across all the films in the MCU. I remember the days fans were speculating about a lot of this stuff before Black Panther wasn't even announced as a film. It's a great little trip down memory lane. 

I've also included a couple new TV spots for the film that offer up more unseen footage that's worth checking out. This should help pass the time until the movie is released on February 16th.

Source: CB

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