New Creative Team Will Handle MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Storyline Beyond the Grid

Shattered Grid is an amazing story in the Power Rangers comics. It will end in August though. After this story, a new creative team will take over and create Beyond the Grid. Comic Book sat down with Shattered Grid writer Kyle Higgins and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo as well as the new creative team consisting of writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Simone Di Meo to talk about a few things we can expect without divulging any spoilers about Shattered Grid.

Higgins revealed that it was scary for him at first when they decided to pass the baton to someone else, but after talking with Bennett, his fears were calmed:

I have to say I definitely was a little scary for a little while thinking about who’s gonna come in, are they gonna want to do what I’ve been building for here, are they gonna want to blow this up? And when Dafna told me that Marguerite wanted to come on board, I think I literally called you Marguerite, right after I got off the phone with her to talk over everything. I could not be more excited for her to come on board and take over. I don’t think fans are really prepared for what’s coming next

He has said that what Bennett has planned is “epic” and he seems genuinely excited about it. This excitement of course makes me more excited to see how things go.

I mean we’re literally sitting here talking about an arc coming up called Beyond the Grid that features an eclectic group of Rangers that is so freaking cool. Like when have you ever seen that before? Everything we’re doing in the book and have built to through Shattered Grid has been about redefining Power Rangers and that’s why I’m so excited. I know what Marguerite’s planning and it’s epic, it’s beyond epic, it’s Beyond the Grid epic. She is coming in and is going to continue what we’ve been trying to do for the last couple years, which is being additive to the mythology and the legacy of Power Rangers.

Bennett seems quite nervous about following in Higgins’ footsteps, but she’s still loving this chance that she’s been given.

Oh goodness, following Kyle’s act, I don’t want to misplace my metaphors here, but those are gonna be some really big shoes to fill. Getting to read Shattered Grid both as a fan and knowing all of the work behind the scenes at the same time just makes it so rich and so powerful. This is sincerely the biggest event that this series in this universe has ever had. I cannot think of a crossover on this scale and it’s been just divine.

I was a huge Power Rangers fan growing up, I saved my toys for way too long way beyond age appropriate. I just adored Trini the Yellow Power Ranger so much, so getting to do this, the idea of getting to go back in time and tell baby Marguerite what she’s going to grow up to do. I would lose my...sugar, if I had discovered that that was waiting for me.

I cannot wait to see what Bennett has in store for fans in Beyond the Grid which will premiere in September. Check out the cover for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 below.

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