New Details on Darth Vader's Appearance in STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE

We've been hearing bits and pieces about Darth Vader's appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story for quite some time. One big piece of news previously described his involvement as "brutal." Today we have a new bit of information about the villain to share with you that Star Wars fan will find interesting.

The news comes from Making Star Wars, who claims to have seen actual photos of Darth Vader in the film. If you don't want to know what these details are, don't read ahead because these are possible SPOILERS.

First of all, they describe the look of this Rogue One version of Vader saying that he's exactly what he looked like in A New Hope:

The costume is the A New Hope costume down to the fine details. The upper armor has the tunic going over the top of the shoulders, just as it did in Episode IV. The belt buckle is the same. The inside of the cape is that shiny type of material. The gloves are identical and not like the ones in the following films. The lights on the belt are the same. The chest piece’s lights match perfectly. The mask is not like the symmetrical Revenge of the Sith mask; it appears to look just like the original did. The neck of the mask and the widow’s peak are all there. The lenses have that amber look to them.

That's not all! Apparently, Vader was actually teased in the teaser trailer that was released for Rogue One. We don't see him, but there a scene in which he's about to be revealed. The report explains:

One source is certain that the blue tank we see in the teaser has Darth Vader inside it. This person has a lot of material associated with the production. They believe a sequence was filmed in which Darth Vader gets his limbs interchanged and repaired in the movie.

That's a pretty fun piece of info, and it will be interesting to see how that scene plays out. It makes sense with the two red imperial guards standing on either side of the tank. Apparently Darth Vader's meditation chamber from The Empire Strikes Back has also been recreated for the movie. The question is... will we see the face of Anakin Skywalker at some point in the movie? Earlier this year there were rumors that Hayden Christensen might reprise his role in Star Wars: Episode VIII and if that's the case, he could also possibly appear in Rogue One. None of that has been confirmed, though. 

What we know for sure, though, is that Spencer Wilding of Guardians of the Galaxy will be the man in the suit playing Vader and that James Earl Jones will return to provide the character's voice. 

I'm intrigued by Darth Vader's involvement in this story, and I can't wait to see how exactly he will be utilized. What do you think of this most recent set of Darth Vader rumors?

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