New Details on Greg Nicotero's CREEPSHOW Horror Anthology Series

Last year it was announced that The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero would be developing a Creepshow anthology series. The series is based on the 1982 horror film from Stephen King and George A. Romero and today we have some new details on the project to share with you.

Production Weekly is reporting that one of the episodes will be called “Survivor Type” and it will focus on a character named Richard Pine, who is "Shipwrecked on a desert island” and while there he “reflects on his life and does the unthinkable in order to survive.”

We don’t know what the unthinkable is, but if there’s no food on the island will he eat himself? Because that’s pretty unthinkable, unless you’re demented like me, and it’s the first thing that pops into your head.

Nicotero previously talked about the series, which is coming to the Shudder streaming service. Horror News Network reported the following from NYCC:

"Nicotero stressed that the tone of the series would shift from story-to-story, with some taking a lighthearted comedic approach and others taking a much more frightening path. He also stated that each story would be 'as long as they need to be' and that he did not feel any pressure to fit the stories into segments of equal length."

Nicotero, who is also directing several episodes, also said in a previous statement:

Creepshow is a project very close to my heart! It is one of those titles that embraces the true spirit of horror… thrills and chills celebrated in one of its truest art forms, the comic book come to life! I’m honored to continue the tradition in the ‘spirit’ which it was created.”

Steven King and and his son Joe Hill are also going to be involved with the development of the series. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how this turns out, but I hope that it delivers the same kind of campy horror that we saw in the film.

Update: “Survivor Type” is based on a Stephen King story for King's 1985 collection Skeleton Crew. Here’s the disturbing plot description. There are SPOILERS:

"Survivor Type" is written as the diary of a disgraced surgeon, Richard Pine (nee Richard Pinzetti), who, while attempting to smuggle a large amount of heroin on a cruise ship, is abruptly interrupted when some form of disaster occurs deep within the ship and it rapidly sinks. After barely escaping the sinking ship and a storm that arrives soon after on an otherwise-empty lifeboat, Pine finds himself marooned on a tiny island in the Pacific with very limited supplies and no food. A self-proclaimed "survivor" type, Pine bitterly whiles away the time by using a lifeboat logbook and pencil as a diary, detailing his rise and fall in the medical profession and his determination to survive this ordeal, get even with the people that "screwed him over", and return to prosperity.

Over time, the diary entries documenting Pine's day-to-day activities become more and more disjointed and raving, revealing his slow mental decay and eventual insanity caused by starvation, isolation, and drug use. Determined to hold out for rescue, he goes to horrifying lengths to survive. After breaking his ankle while attempting to signal an airplane, he amputates his foot, then realizes he has to eat it to survive. He continues to amputate his own limbs to use as a food source, ingesting the heroin as a crude anesthetic during the operations. Although he initially keeps track of the dates (the entries begin January 26), his increasing mental instability causes him to lose perception of days passed (finally ending his entries with "Febba" and "Fe/40?"). His last few diary entries, barely comprehensible, indicate that he has cut off and eaten everything below his waist, as well as his ears, and drools uncontrollably as he ponders which body part to consume next. The diary entries end when he cuts off his left hand to eat. ("lady fingers they taste just like lady fingers").

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