New Details on Martin Starr's Teacher Character in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

A year after his casting, we finally know who Martin Starr will play in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Starr revealed his role in the upcoming film in an interview with The Wrap and tells us he is going to be playing a teacher...

“I’m the academic decathlon coach and one of the teachers at the school so I have a bit of a thing in it…It’s capitalizing on popularity and a story that’s very rich and dense, so there’s a lot left to tell. And this isn’t a familiar take on it — this is a unique kind of take of a younger Spider-Man trying to figure out life again…The story has a lot of action and fun in it, but it’s also a sweet, coming-of-age story of a kid.”

Well, I'm not at all surprised by that revelation. Martin Starr's recent stints in acting seem to label him as a more diverse Ben Stein! I mean that as a compliment, as Starr's monotone geeky persona has worked on so many levels throughout the years. I'm excited to see him in Spider-Man: Homecoming what about you? 

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