New Discovery Series Will Investigate Nikola Tesla's Mysterious Death and His Death Ray Will Be Built

The Discovery Channel is producing a fascinating new series that will investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of legendary inventor Nikola Tesla.

The series is called Tesla and one of the coolest parts of the series will involve a team of engineers coming together to build and test-fire Tesla's Death Ray, which is supposedly an incredibly dangerous weapon of mass destruction. This weapon could have swung the balance of power in World War II and may have been a main reason of motive to have Tesla killed.

I've been fascinated with Tesla and his work for years. This talented man screwed over by people thought his life and Thomas Edison was one of the biggest assholes to him. I'm excited about this new series and the information that it will bring to light. THR offers the following info:

In 1943, Tesla, who has been called "The Man Who Invented the 20th Century," was found dead in a hotel room. His safe was cracked open, and his research was missing.
In 2016, the FBI declassified 250 documents that provided new insight into Tesla's work and final days. The files revealed new information about the Death Ray and showed that world superpowers, including the U.S., Soviet Union and Axis powers, were all interested in the weapon.
In the new series, military investigator Jack Murphy and Tesla historian Cameron Prince travel the globe hunting for information about Tesla's innovations and the research that may have gone missing from his safe. The places they visit include Tesla's last standing American laboratory in Shoreham, New York, on Long Island, his first American lab in Colorado and Serbia, his homeland.
Murphy and Prince interview a wide range of people, including a rare conversation with Tesla's closest living relative. They also examine never-before-seen, hand-drawn sketches and calculations for the Death Ray that were completed by Tesla himself.
Additionally, engineer Aron Koscho and his team will build a prototype of the Death Ray. If they can construct and operate this fatal weapon, it might provide a motive for murder.

The new is set to premiere on Discovery on Tuesday, January 2nd at 10 p.m. ET/PT. It will be preceded by a special airing Dec. 22 that highlights Tesla's work and how it has contributed to communication and transportation technologies.

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