New FCC ID Filing Points to Wireless SNES Controllers for the Nintendo Switch

If you use Nintendo Switch Online, you have access to a myriad of classic Nintendo Entertainment System games on your Nintendo Switch. Well, some fans love this and want the program to expand to include titles from other consoles such as the Super NES. Those fans may be getting their wish next year. Over on ResetEra, user Link 83 shared a new FCC ID filing from Nintendo that gives us the clue. Unfortunately, the photos are confidential until February 6, 2020, but thanks to the ID Label information that is publicly available now, it looks like some kind of SNES controller.

The prevailing theory is that Nintendo is getting ready to release wireless SNES controllers for the Switch to coincide with the release of SNES games added to the Switch Online service. After all, Nintendo released NES wireless controllers for the Switch when Switch Online first launched with the start of the NES library. I’m very excited at this possibility and hope that we’re on the right track with this theory.

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